Places To Visit In Istanbul

Istanbul is a metropolitan which has its own cultures and background and blending them all off into a gorgeous city that has plenty to offer travelers from everywhere around the world. Founded in times of Neolithic era, Istanbul today is a beautiful city that remains pure to its historical background by its palaces, mosques, bazaars and cathedrals. Proudly located between the East and West, Turkey’s largest city features an environment of intrigue and charm that does fascinate everyone. An overview of the main attractions in Istanbul:


1- Hagia Sophia ( Ayasofya )

The Hagia Sophia first began as an Orthodox Greek Church that had been home to the Patriarch of Constantinople after it was built in the 6th century. For nearly 57 years in the 12th century, it turned out a catholic church by Latins. It became a mosque in 1453 and finally turned into a museum in 1935. At one time, it was the biggest cathedral in the world, and influenced all of the other temples, including the Blue Mosque



2- Blue Mosque ( Sultan Ahmet Mosque )

The Blue or Sultan Ahmed Mosque, built up earlier in the 17th Century. Visitors should dress up sensibly and should be aware of that mosque is closed to visitors during the praying times. With more than twenty-one thousands blue handmade Iznik tiles in different tulip motifs and 200 stained glass Blue Mosque is a must visit. The mosque, built by Sultan Ahmet, got its name from the cobalt blue tiles indoor.

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